Canada Express Entry Program

Why is 2020 the best year to apply for the Canada Express Entry Program?

Canada is one of the top-notch countries that permits lacs of immigrator to build a real-time career-oriented lifestyle. Ethics immigration has helped over ten thousand potential immigrants to find a permanent home in Canada. It is time for you to apply. Canada Express Entry Program and Permanent Resident Visa in 2020 have been opening opportunities for potential immigrants to quickly and successfully immigrate to Canada. Do you think you have such potential? If yes! Wait no more because here are three reasons why 2020 is the best year to apply for the Canada Express Entry Program for Canada Permanent Residency:

Expanded Immigration Target

Each year, Canadian Governmental bodies set an immigration target, which defines a perfect number of vacancies for immigrants. To the reader’s surprise, this year, Canada has set its immigration target up to 341 000, i.e.., over 50% of appliers have a chance to get a permanent residency visa for Canada successfully. What are you waiting for?

New Immigration Minister’s commencement

Canadian Immigration Ministry has been moving forward with enhancement in flexibility while choosing or shortlisting candidates with every passing year. To begin with, recently, the new immigration minister has commenced. Thus, Ethics Immigration has estimated that the new minister will remain open-minded while shortlisting the candidates. Therefore, if you have the potential and a good financial background to move to Canada, your application will be strong enough to express your potential.

Low CRS Score potential

During COVID-19 Widespread, Canada is also suffering from a lack of human resources. Therefore, top-notch immigration agencies like Ethics Immigration have forecasted that this year, the CRS score will be low enough to allow non-financially strong candidates to have a chance upon gaining Canada Permanent Residency Visa.

Are you overthinking the pros and cons of applying for the Canada Express Entry Program? Don’t worry! Share your concerns with Ethics Immigration’s team of consultants and give another thought with a positive point of view.

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