Canadian PR Points System based Immigration

What is the Canadian PR Points System based Immigration?

Here’s the fun fact to start with: Canada was the first country to introduce and implement a PR point system in order to categorize its candidates to be eligible for Canada Permanent Residency. It is also known as the CRS system or Comprehensive Ranking System. First, Canada has also launched a Canada PR point’s calculator to estimate whether they are eligible to apply for permanent residency or even Canada Visa Work permit program. So, here in this reading, Ethics Immigration PR experts present everything you need to know about the Canadian PR points system:

Introduction to CRS Canadian PR points system

CRS PR points system is used for putting a candidate by rank in Canada Express Entry Pool. According to the latest reports, in 2020, the Canadian PR points system has released a cut-off of 67 points of 100. Meaning, any skilled worker who wants to apply for Canada Permanent Residency must have 67 points to do so. On the other hand, skilled workers required a minimum of 478 points to apply for a Canadian work visa.

In-depth research by Ethics Immigration has revealed that very soon in 2020, Canada’s PR point’s cut-off will go down. Therefore, it is the best period to apply for either of the visa(s).

How to calculate Canada PR points for Express Entry Program?

There are several parameters set by Canadian Immigration authorities. If you fall into one of the categories, you will get a set number of points. For example, if you are aged between 18 years to 35 years, you will get 12 points. Similarly, the points keep reducing by 1 as your age increases. For example, for 36 years-old applicants, the points receivable are 11. For 37 years-old applicants, the point receivable will be 10.

Similarly, a high-level qualification such as a Ph.D. will earn you 25 points. Over 6 years of working experience will receive you 15 points.

To get an accurate idea of how many points you may have, connect with our experts online.

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