Canada PR Card

What is the Canada PR Card? And Why is it important?

Canada PR Card is one of the most valuable identification cards for Canadian immigrants who hold permanent residency in Canada. Especially when you are traveling to other countries, but you are a Canadian permanent resident or citizen. You will need the Canada PR Card to prove that you are a permanent resident who you come back to the country. For example, if you visit India for a while. Thus, when you return to Canada, you will need to show a Canada PR card in place of your Visa and passport.

To the reader’s surprise, a Canadian Permanent Resident Card allows the card holder to travel visa-free to different countries for a fixed period of time. For example, Canada PR card holders can travel to all Dutch Carribean territories visa-free for 90 days. Similarly, the free-travel period for Bermuda is 6 months. For Cayman Island, it’s 60 days.

Can I apply for a Canada PR Card?

According to several top-leading Canada immigration official site like Ethics Immigration, you can apply for Canada PR Card if you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You are Canada’s permanent resident with a Child.
  • You are planning a trip outside Canada
  • You will return to Canada after a trip via public transportation sources like Flight, Car, Bus, or train.

Do I have a Canada PR Card?

To begin with, not many Canada immigrants know this, but new Canada permanent residents receive their Canada PR Card as soon as they pass for the program. Therefore, it is recommendable to check your registered email for a digital copy of your PR Card in Canada.

Am I eligible for a Canada PR Card?

There are some additional requirements to apply for a Canada PR Card. Please take a glimpse at the following:

  • You are physically present in Canada when you apply.
  • You meet all the requirements for Canada residency according to Appendix A.
  • You are not a Canadian Citizen
  • You are not blacklisted or prohibited for embezzling the PR Card before.
  • You are not ordered to be removed by the Immigration authorities.

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