Canada Immigration Rules for Visitors

What are Canada Visit Visa Requirements? Canada Immigration Rules for Visitors

Are you planning a perfect-picture trip to Canada? Well! Congratulations because this opportunity rarely falls on tourists’ lap. Canada is definitely a dream location for explorers because it has diverse people from different countries, cultures and follow-up different rituals. But, they all have one thing in common- love for Canada. So, if you want an interrupted trip to Canada, you must know the Canada immigration rules for visitors and Canada Visit Visa requirements. Hence, if you are a potential visitor, the following reading will help you to calculate your eligibility:

Are you eligible?

Eligibility for Canada Express Entry Program and Eligibility for Canada as a visitor are two different subjects. So, check out the following requirements which define your eligibility for Canada Visit Visa:

  • Passport (as a Valid Travel Document)
  • No medical complications
  • No criminal background or immigration-based convictions
  • Medical Examination report
  • Letter of Invitation from relatives in Canada (on a PR basis)
  • Financial Stability
  • Accommodation plan
  • Satisfaction meeting with an Immigration officer (to claim that you will leave Canada on-time as the Visit Visa expires).
  • Provide Job, home, financial statement, and family information (for exceptional cases).

Who cannot apply for the Canada Visit Visa Program?

In several cases, applicants get into the blacklist of immigration authorities because of what their background reveals. In case the immigration officer gives out orders to investigate a suspicious applicant’s background and fails to verify such applicant. The authorities ban or blacklist such visitors. Therefore, there are three categories under which an applicant may fall in blacklisted candidates:

  • Criminal background or existence of a criminal record.
  • Organized Crime
  • Human Rights Violations

Other reasons for applicants to receive a rejection from authorities can be:

  • Medical issues
  • Non-strong financial background
  • Unsatisfactory verification from Job background
  • Minor without Guardian or Parents traveling with him/her

In the event that you are unsure of your status as a potential visitor to Canada. Visit us now!

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