You must be aware of Canada’s requirement for newcomers ambitious enough to help the economy flourish. With the right amount of entrepreneurial experience, talent, and dedication to create a name for themselves, immigration procedures can be dealt by them. This is why Thousands of individuals flock to Canada each year in the hopes of laying improved foundations for their future. The country’s nurturing economic foundation is secured and only with strategically planned visa programs they can be entered.

One such immigration program is the Canada Express entry program. Having gained enormous success in terms of the country’s foreign policy, it has helped countless ambitious individuals to enter the nation and make use of their land’s numerous opportunities. Our Canada immigration experts will guide you on this program by providing you with the most efficient, effective and transparent consultation appointments to make your dreams come true. When such a major choice is to be made, rely on Ethics Immigration consultants and leave the burden to us.

Who is Eligible to Apply for this Visa?

  • Age Factor

Points are added as per the age factor of candidates applying for a visa. Anyone between 18-35 years can expect no issue in this factor.

  • Language Proficiency Test

Both English and French are the languages considered by immigration authorities. As an applicant of Canada PR, the candidate must score good points in these.

  • Educational Credential Assessment

Applying for Canada Express entry program can take place only if the applicants are graduate. When applied as a skilled worker, Educational Credential Assessment must be provided from official authorities.

  • Work Experience

To apply for Canada Express entry program, you must possess at least 1 year of work experience or earn points high enough to secure your position in the program.

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