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Germany is the most popular country to migrate after Canada, United Kingdom and US. 

Germany too has Immigration systems which are very popular and attracting Skilled permanent and Temporary workers. Permanent Immigration is possible through skilled work pathways and sponsorship. The Government is very much open to skilled workers to work in German on short and long term employment and other Temporary visas which allows travelers to visit German through Schengen agreements

Special and highly qualified migrants receive EU Blue Card to enter the German labor market. Skilled labor from non-EU countries with recognized vocational training in certain bottleneck fields, such as the health and care professions, can come to Germany to work. 

Germany is known for world-class technology, software industries, Automobiles, Engineering, Medical, Science, Commercial segments, though the language is not a big barrier, the German Government is encouraging immigrants across the world due to low population. 

Germany is the most popular destination in the European continent due to the:

  • Huge economic growth 
  • Strong labor market ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Medical, Manufacturing )
  • High Employment occupations in Demand
  • High luxury and Quality lifestyle
  • Economical, Cultural and Political stability
  • Known as one of the best countries to pursue higher studies.

Germany has lots of reasons to pull the crowd towards it 

  • Set up & Establish Business on your own to enter the European market.
  • Pathway to get EU Permanent residence Visa
  • Advance Medical and Education system
  • Undoubtedly and uncompromised high-Quality Life.
  • A low crime rate a secured place to live.
  • Flexible Migration and settlement services
  • Moderate climates and multi-diversified culture welcome all people.

Few popular are

Germany Job Seeker Visa

The Job Seeker visa for Germany provides a Short-Term Residency Permit that allows you to:

This visa is aimed at Highly Skilled Migrants who wish to seek employment in Germany.  There is no skilled occupations list for this visa however we note a high level of refusals for this visa; hence we will only assist applicants within the Information Technology or Engineering fields.

  • Should have completed relevant of 15 years formal education relevant and is recognized or equivalent to German Academic Degree which is ready to prove through an Education assessment. 
  • The applicants should have at least 5 years of relevant work experience out of which you have all of which you are able to evidence.
  • You are ready to provide Accommodation proof in Germany for at least 180 days 
  • You are ready to evidence maintenance funds 
  • If you get a job within this duration, you will be given a German work visa or a German work permit to work and live there.
  • On completion of 5 years, the applicant can apply for permanent residency

This program is loaded with lots of benefits, let us understand what you can get from it.

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