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Everything you need to know about family immigration in Canada

Are you living in Canada alone? Or, do you have somebody outside Canada who is totally dependent on you? Ethics Immigration congratulates you because now, you can sponsor dependent relatives to Canada according to the Family Immigration Canada program. That’s right! Canada for immigrants’ opportunity is now open for permanent residents’ relatives such as spouses, orphaned siblings or nephew/niece or grandchild, or common-law partner. However, you must be eligible for “who can be a sponsor?”

Can I be a sponsor?


If you are living in Canada as a permanent resident, then you can be a sponsor. Meaning, you can get a permit to immigrate your relative to Canada and live with you. However, it would help if you also fell under the following eligibility criteria:

  • The person you want to sponsor does not have another living blood-relative in Canada or a native country.
  • You do not have another blood-relative living in Canada permanently. Meaning, you do not have any Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or registered Indian as your relative.
  • While filling a sponsorship application, you must enter the details such as the number of relatives you are sponsoring. Or, the sponsored relative has a dependent spouse, life partner, or children.


Whom can I sponsor under the family immigration Canada Express Entry program?


According to the rules, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can only sponsor a blood-relative to come and live with him/her in Canada. For example, aunt, cousin, or sibling. However, some requirements for this program are significant to meet:

  • They are related to you either by blood or adoption (must provide official adoption documents)
  • The person has no living relative or parent in the native country.
  • They are 18+ (not in case of orphan child/brother/sister/cousin)
  • They are single (either their spouse have died, divorced, or separated)


In complex cases such as parents disowning the person (you want to sponsor), one parent died, parents are missing, or parents are in jail or parole, you are now permitted to sponsor.

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