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Getting qualified for a Canadian visitor visa is often easier said than done. Since many individuals have been caught taking advantage of this visa and illegally extending their authorized stay in the past, immigration authorities mostly reject the applications requesting it. However, taking assistance from a well-experienced immigration agency like Ethics Immigration can increase the likelihood of your application’s acceptance and save you from the hassle.

Ethics Immigration is a Canada immigration official site providing immigration services to all of its Clients looking for better opportunities in a developed country. With the benefit of many years of excellence and successful representation of Immigrants, the professionals employed here know exactly how to organize your visa application in a way that will enhance the chances of its acceptance. Having helped hundreds of clients in the past, we know Canada visitor visa requirements and how to fulfil them accurately.

What Is A Visitor Visa?

A visitor’s visas are required for certain foreign citizens who plan to visit or travel through Canada for an official reason. However, its issue to individuals depends upon the personal circumstances and background.

What Makes You Eligible?

For becoming eligible to apply for the Canada Tourist Visa, a candidate is required to fulfil certain Canada visit visa requirements that meet all the pr-requisites for a smooth voyage. Meeting these requirements is essential and determines whether the candidate can get hold of a Canada’s visitor visa or not.

To apply for the Visa, you must:

  • Have a valid travel document
  • Have a clean bill of health and must be free from any illness
  • Have no criminal offences from the past or present
  • Have the ties with your home country through financial assets, job and family
  • Convince the authorized immigration officer that you will leave Canada once the duration for the visa gets over
  • Have enough funds to stay
  • Have a letter of invitation justifying your visit

Let’s Work Together

If you are still not sure about your application getting approved, feel free to get back to our Canada immigration official site. We will review your case to avoid any troubles.

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